“The righteousness of God, says Jesus, is the one thing to be sought in this life. Food and clothing are minor matters
in comparison with it. God will supply them, as a matter of course, so that anxious care and worriment need not be
expended on them; but to secure God’s kingdom and His righteousness should be the only object of life.”

Let us understand what God’s righteousness is all about. If it is something that we can attain doesn’t that make us Gods ourselves? Well it all depends on how we go about to attain this righteousness. After we understand who God is and His righteousness we will see how impossible for us frail human beings it is to come close to who He is. It is only through Christ Our Righteousness that we become transformed which we will explore in the next video.

Taken from E.J. Waggoner’s book Christ and His Righteousness.