A big thank you to end-time-prophecy for this video!

First and fore most it is important to note that it didn’t really matter who would have become president of the United States. Sooner or later what the Bible has reveled in the book of Revelation would have come to pass, whether be Trump or anyone else. However there was a lot during his campaign that speaks loudly of things that are soon to come.

Revelation 13 describes two beast powers that are soon to reign on this earth in a one world religious government. The United States of America was established on the basis of Protestantism. Protestants fled Europe to escape the dark ages and Catholic persecution. Protestantism began with the slogan Sola Scriptura and the Bible was to be the only source of truth for the Christian. However Protestantism today is again uniting with Catholicism and is soon to form an Image to the Beast. Church and state is to take place in America in a near future. Sunday worship has been substituted for the true Sabbath (Saturday) sacredness as outlined by our Father in heaven. It is time for revival and reformation.